KENYA: Government De-registers over 500 NGO’s

NAIROBI DECEMBER 16, 2014(CISA)The Kenyan government has de-registered over 500 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for failing to file their audited reports as required by law. 15 NGOs have been accused of funding terrorism activities in the country and the region with possible prosecution of their officials. NGOs Co-ordination Board executive director Fazul Mohamed said the accounts […]

LIBERIA: Catholic Hospital Closed over Ebola Re-opens

MONROVIA, DECEMBER, 11, 2014, (CISA) – St. Joseph’s Catholic hospital of Monrovia, which stopped operations in August after the death of many of its staff due to Ebola, has re-opened. The hospital is re-opening at a time when the epidemic appears to be slowing down. According to the Italian online magazine, Servizio Informazione Religiosa, the announcement to reopen St. Joseph’s hospital was made by […]