September 17, 2014

KENYA: Bishops Call for an End to the ‘Culture of Death’


KWALE, AUGUST 29, 2014(CISA) - The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) on Thursday August 28 urged warring groups in Mandera County to end the recurring inter-clan conflicts, following the recent killings in the region.

“These continued insecurity and heinous acts are totally unacceptable. How many more lives must be lost for us Kenyans to say enough is enough? Every life is precious we urge all sides to stop this culture of death,” said the bishops in a press conference convened “to address Kenyans on the current issues facing the countries.

They said they were “highly concerned” with the regular arming of different militia groups, radicalization of the youth and conflicts “leading to massive killings, displacement, and destruction of property being witnessed in different counties.”

The bishops were speaking in Kwale County, in the Archdiocese of Mombasa during their annual general meeting where they called for accountable leadership from both the ruling coalition and opposition “for our country’s unity, safety and security.”

“We remind Kenyans that safety and security is every persons’s responsibility. Rhetoric, double speak and blame games on issues of security should stop hence forth,” they said.    

The bishops also spoke against “serious power struggles” and “political patronage” being exhibited by elected leaders at the expense of service to the people and asked the political class to consult widely and create awareness on the issue of referendum to ensure that it is not for their own interest but for the interest of Kenyans.

CJPC also said it was aware of the “complexities” of the land question in the country and urged the government and its institutions to enforce the comprehensive framework as provided in the constitution and subsequent laws on land.

According to the bishops, youth unemployment continues to remain a threat to security and a lot of effort should be put in training and development and devolved governance should lead the way in providing citizen participation in developmental issues.

“We urge all Kenyans to be their brothers/sisters keeper, this country is for us all and so are the resources there in. Learn to share and protect them,” stated the bishops.

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