EGYPT: Coptic Bishops Deliver Invitation to Pope Francis

VATICAN FEBRUARY 16, 2017 (CISA) – Coptic Catholic bishops from Egypt on February 6, delivered an invitation letter to the Pope Francis.

The bishops were on their ad limina visit to the Vatican where they discussed the state of the Church in their country.

This invitation follows other two invitations that were sent from the president and the other from the Grand Imam of Ahzah, Ahmed el-Tayeb, a prestigious figure in the Sunni Muslim world.

“It was a formal invitation in written form, that followed other invitations to Egypt,” Bishop Emmanuel Bishay of told CNA.

Unlike the usual ad-limina where a papal speech is usually given to highlight issues in the diocese they represent, Bishop Bishay says that each bishop was free to speak on issues they encounter in their diocese.

The bishops discussed with the Pope challenges that they face including terrorism and acceptance of the church in a society highly dominated by the Islamic faith.


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