ETHIOPIA: AMECEA Bishops Urged to Embrace Diversity, Enrich the World with Goodness

ADDIS ABABA, JULY 20, 2018 (CISA)-AMECEA Bishops have been urged to bank on the diversity of its members.

Speaking on July 18, 2018 during a presentation at the 19th AMECEA plenary, the Vice Chancellor designate of Tangaza University College-Kenya, Rev. Fr Stephen Mbugua Ngari emphasized that diversity was God’s creation and should be utilized positively to enrich the world with goodness.

He noted that most AMECEA countries have been affected negatively by diversity, as it has been used to divide, and discriminate people in terms of race, gender, politics and even tribes.

“Positively, that we are one family who proclaims the word of God and it also gives us the identity as Catholics as a universal Church. Negatively, when diversity causes conflicts which leads to destruction and loss of innocent lives,” said Fr Mbugua.

In an interview with AMECEA Online News, Fr Mbugua urged the Bishops to aspire changing the worldview from micro to macro diversity, where people see themselves as citizens of the world and as brothers and sisters.

He said that the church must always look into the root causes of the negative diversity that destroys the society and come up with better lasting resolutions.

“I would like the Catholic Church in AMECEA countries to constitute commissions that will identifying the root causes of negative diversity, be it economical, political or social to help improve the integration of the people in the AMECEA region and beyond,” Fr Mbugua said adding, “The curriculum in schools should include issues of universal citizenship, and AMECEA should also create avenues where people appreciate and integrate others.”