GERMANY: Cardinal Turkson Calls for Improved Health Care in Africa

BERLIN OCTOBER 14, 2016(CISA)-Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace has called for urgent need to invest in strong health care systems in Africa.

“Too many Africans have been deprived of access to healthcare for a long a period of time, despite the significant progress in the fields of technology, treatment, and prevention that has become common place in many high- and middle-income parts of the world. There is urgent need to invest in much stronger health systems…”said Cardinal Turkson.

In his address during the 3rd German-African Healthcare Symposium (GAHS) October 12 on the role of Catholic Church in Provisions of healthcare in Africa, Cardinal Turskon said that church was already playing a significant role in health care and in the formation of health professionals at national and local levels.

“The 2014 Statistical Directory of Catholic Church-inspired Programs indicate that our Church maintains 1,298 hospitals; 5,256 dispensaries; 29 leprosy centers; and 632 homes for the elderly, chronically ill, and disabled,” noted the prelate.

He further called on the participants in the conference “to identify and to develop action-oriented strategies to overcome the public health challenges that still plague our global human family.”

“Let us confront them honestly and transparently, and try to search for more effective and efficient solutions. Despite the tremendous progress that has been made, we still find tragic health deficits in low- and some middle-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, and even among the poor and marginalized populations in high-income countries,” said Cardinal Turkson.

The 3rd German-African Healthcare Symposium in Berlin followed a three-day World Health Summit (WHS), which concluded on October 11.

The conference was organized to introduce business opportunities on the healthcare sector in addition to creating a platform for exchange, networking and for fostering new partnerships between Africa and Germany.

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