GHANA: Lent Season and Covid-19 Pandemic an invite for Global Renewal, Bishops Say

By Arnold Neliba

ACCRA, FEBRUARY 19, 2021 (CISA)-The Ghana Conference of Catholic Bishops has reiterated that Covid-19 pandemic is a call for global renewal inviting faithful to make use of the Lent season as a special season for renewal.

“Our renewal is first and foremost with God the Creator and Redeemer, who is calling us to have a sincere reconciliation with our fellow humans as well. Such a reconciliation should be characterized by the true justice which promotes peace,” reads February 16 statement released signed by Most Rev Philip Naameh, President of the GCBC.

The bishops invited faithful to commit to sincere spirit of reconciliation between all categories of people: the bishops and their collaborators, among priests and religious, religious leaders and their members, chiefs and their subjects, political leaders and their followers, among political parties, employers and employees, spouses, parents and their children, and with families.

“There can be no true reconciliation where injustice persists. We therefore have to promote justice on the personal and national levels. Justice in turn fosters peace, which is a tranquility of order in accordance with the will of God,” the bishops said.

“Lent offers us the opportunity to constantly examine our consciences to find out if we have guilty of acts of injustice, so as to undertake appropriate actions to achieve justice and peace in our communities,” it adds.

As the Church begins lent this year, the bishops said it is an opportunity to mark the season with congregational celebrations as compared to 2020 when religious gatherings were suspended in the middle of Lent.

“…let us observe all times all the directives on Covid-19, especially whenever we gather in our various Churches,” the bishops said also stressing on the adherence of health guidelines at home, school, market places and workshops so that “we can climax this year’s Lent with communal celebration of the Holy Week.”