ITALY: Bishop Elect of Rumbek Invokes Intercession of Our Lady on South Sudan


VICENZA-ITALY, JULY 30, 2021 (CISA)-The bishop-elect of the Catholic diocese of Rumbek Rt. Rev. Christian Carlassare has offered prayers for peace in South Sudan invoking the intercession of Our Lady to bring healing and change from a past of violence, division and poverty, to a future of unity and prosperity.

“I know it is a long path and a demanding mission but this is the only path to life, and the mission of the Church. May Mary intercede for us!” He made this prayer Sunday, July 25 at the Shrine of Madonna dell’Angelo in Piovene Rocchette, Italy.

According to Vatican News, the bishop-elect urged all South Sudanese to be won over by the Holy Father’s humility and love for their country when he kissed the feet of their leaders in 2019, asking them to recognize the dignity of every person and to work for unity.

The bishop elect is currently in Vicenza, Italy recovering after undergoing surgery in Nairobi after he was shot on April 26 at the bishop’s residence in Rumbek.

“I have no doubts about the desire to return to my South Sudan, people are waiting for me and, beyond the many problems, there is also great hope. And I want to be part of it,” Fr Carlassare told Fides on July 23.

“First of all, I have done what I could for my health and I think I can come back as soon as possible. However, it is very important that everything possible is done to resolve the case and, perhaps even more crucial, that the diocese has an internal path of regeneration to guarantee safety and the possibility of working and making decisions,” he added.

In his absence, the Vatican appointed Bishop Mathew Remigio of the Catholic diocese of Wau as the Apostolic Administrator of Rumbek.