ITALY: Pontifical Missionary Societies in Africa Supporting Families

ROME, JUNE 16, 2015 (CISA) – “Family should always come together to share their successes and challenges,” Fr Phillip Balikuddembe said during an interview with Vatican Radio.

He noted that coming together of national directors of Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) was one of the elements that make Catholics a real family of God.

This was during  a General Assembly in Rome held by PMS to discuss the contribution of PMS in constructing faithful Christian families in Africa under the theme ‘Support the Pontifical mission societies today and always.’

PMS national directors including Fr Celestino Bundi from Kenya, Fr Phillip Balikuddembe from Uganda, Fr Willem Christians from Namibia, Fr Vincent Makhwakhwa from Malawi and leaders from all over the world were present at the gathering.

Fr Bundi shed light on the role of the PMS in the Catholic Church in Kenya saying it is to promote the spirit of understanding that the people of God are one family.

He added that it also advocates for the spirit of going out, living the faith and supporting those in different kind of needs.

“Money collected from parishes is used to support children with special needs. Street children also benefit from these funds,” he added.

He said that the principle of PMS is to motivate each catholic to give their support to the proclamation of Christ and one way of doing so is by sharing resources with those that are aspiring to join the vocation of priesthood and religious life.

Fr Balikuddembe said that faithful from the United States of America and Europe also assist PMS in Africa but added that Africa is not just a recipient of funds but also receives collections on selected days.

“ In Uganda, the Sunday of the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul and the feast of Epiphany and World Mission Sunday are days designated to contribute to the PMS coffers.

Fr Bundi also talked on terrorist attacks targeting Christians in Kenya and said that it was time to build solidarity and to appreciate one another as life is a gift from God.

He concluded by highlighting the call of the Holy Father saying that Christians should let their families be places of prayer and support for each other.

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