KENYA: Be Instruments of Integrity, Catholic Schools Principals Urged

NAIROBI AUGUST 22, 2017(CISA) – Bishop Philip Anyolo, Chairman, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has urged Catholic educators to be leaders of integrity in and out of their schools.

Bishop Anyolo was speaking today when he presided over the official opening of the Catholic Schools Principals’ Association (CASPA-Kenya) 4th Annual Conference held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) under the theme “A Catholic School – A hub of Integrity.”

“It is my hope your reflections on this theme will lead to a firm personal and communal resolve to embrace integrity in all your dealings. I am convinced that it is this kind of resolve that will consolidate your capacity to live and be instruments of peace, integrity and high moral standards in and out of your institutions,” said Bishop Anyolo.

In his keynote address at the conference Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba Chairman KCCB-Commission for Education and Religious Education stated that living a life of integrity as principals has a positive impact on students and staff.

“As principals, your integrity is your gold mine. It will take you, your teachers and students to places,” said Bishop Muhatia.

“When we are people of integrity we have more influence on students, teachers and support staff around us. Continue being principals of integrity and the schools you lead will become centers of excellence, character formation and academic excellence,” he added.

Bishop Muhatia noted that the country has just emerged from an electioneering period and urged the principals to encourage students to embrace diversity of opinion, beliefs and learn respect and live peacefully with those who look at situations differently.

“Schools of integrity are centers where tolerance, humility, acceptance, peace and cohesion are part and parcel of the strong culture,” said Bishop Muhatia.

The three day conference (August 22-24) brings together over 1000 principals of Catholic sponsored Public Secondary schools from across the country.

Sessions at the conference will discuss a variety of topics including; Occultism in schools, curriculum reforms in contemporary Kenya, universality of Catholic education, and the role of education in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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