KENYA: Bishop Kasonde Urges Faithful to be Witnesses of Christ

ELDORET, MAY 28, 2018 (CISA)-Bishop Charles Kasonde the Chairman of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences of Eastern Africa (AMECEA) has emphasized on the need for Christians to live exemplary lives in order to be true witnesses of Christ.

In his Homily during the Golden Jubilee celebrations of AMECEA Pastoral Institute Gaba, in Eldoret Bishop Kasonde said that our way of life must become the Gospel so much that even before you talk people would know that here is a person who tries, makes an effort.

“We should always aspire to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of the people of God. In so doing, we serve the Church and the person who is made in the image and likeness of God,” he said, reported AMECEA.

He further indicated that Christians are called upon to reach out to their brothers and sisters in sincerity of heart because it is God who calls us to his mission and it is he who qualifies those that he calls.

“Whenever we are called upon to serve the Church, let us not resist the will of God. We can only do this if we remain open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and remain authentic to the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ even when we meet turbulences like St. Paul and Barnabas who were rejected by some communities and were forced to go to other places.”

This Bishop Kasonde said this is what makes the mission of the Church to become universal and all-inclusive, and this is what AMECEA Pastoral Institute-Gaba stands for and has done in the last 50 years.

“May the word of God guide us and may we continue to live up to the challenge of the mission of Jesus Christ, ensuring that the Word of God is proclaimed to the world without fear of favour,” he said.