KENYA: Bishop Wainaina Calls for Financial Accountability in Church Institutions

DIANI, AUGUST 30, 2019 (CISA)-Bishop James Maria Wainaina, the Chairman of Council of Economic Affairs of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), has called for financial accountability in Church-owned institutions in solidarity with the ongoing war on corruption in the country.

“The sad thing is that in all the cases before court, the people in charge of finances are always lurking in the shadows or even part of the accused,” he said during the opening of the Annual Finance Conference on August 27 in Diani, Kwale County.

The conference brought together finance managers and accountants affiliated to KCCB institutions. In attendance was the KCCB – General Secretary, Fr Daniel Kimutai Rono.

Bishop Wainaina suggested that the “…only way to address issues of corruption is to live a life of integrity. Even where there are mistakes, integrity will be our first line of defense,” he said.

“Accounting is not a demonstration that this side equals that other side. It is a clear demonstration of faithfulness to the policies and procedures of an organization and to the accepted financial reporting standards. Accountants need to be loyal and faithful to the policies and standards of the institution where they work,” he added.

In reference to this year’s theme “Global Trends in Finance Management, Challenges and Opportunities,” the bishop acknowledged the role that information technology plays in supporting the work of accountants.

“As accountants we must understand well the needs and requirements of the institution and advice on what kind of information system should be put in place,” Bishop Wainaina said.

He cautioned the accountants against engaging in unnecessary institutional politics, which could derail the achievement of institutional goals.