KENYA: Cardinal Njue Urges Christians to Respect the Family Unit

NAIROBI JUNE 23, 2015(CISA)-Cardinal John Njue has called upon Christians to respect the institution of the family as the basic platform for social well being.

He observed that emerging errant characters among the youth can be greatly attributed to shaky family set ups in which the children are not given the attention they crave.
The cardinal was speaking during a church celebration at St. Joseph Mukassa Catholic Parish in Kahawa West.

Cardinal Njue said radicalization of the youth and same sex marriages which are silently creeping into the Kenyan society were as a result poor parenting.

“The youth need to focus on their identity as people who respect a supreme being rather than allow themselves to be swayed into characters that damage humanity and the overall sanctity of marriage,” said Cardinal Njue of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi.

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