KENYA: Caritas Kenya Launches an Environmental Initiative in Response to Climate Change

MOMBASA, OCTOBER 26, 2018 (CISA) – Caritas Kenya in collaboration with Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), has launched an environmental campaign initiative as a way of championing for environmental conservation.

The event took place on October 26 at Shanzu Teachers Training College Mombasa, where the Chairman of Caritas Archbishop Martin Kivuva, coordinated the planting of 1000 trees at the institution under the theme “Working in solidarity, making a difference in people’s lives”.

“The Church is part of a bigger initiative meant to make the country and the world green. We also take advantage of the Pope’s message from the Laudato Si, where he says that the environment that we all belong to is our responsibility,” said Archbishop Kivuva.

“In this initiative the Catholic Church will use its elaborate structure in community mobilization, involvement and engagement and also provide advocacy and strategies in championing for environmental protection and conservation,” said Father Lucas Ong’esa, Deputy Secretary General of the KCCB.

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) was represented at the event by the Director General, Geoffrey Wakhungu, who was also the guest speaker.  He thanked the Catholic Church for joining the initiative that seeks to increase Kenya’s forest cover to 10 percent by 2022.

In attendance were representatives from Caritas Italiana, Caritas Switzerland, Trocaire, CYNESA, Mombasa County Government among others.