KENYA: Catholic Bishops Ban Politicking in Church

By Paschal Norbert

NAIROBI, SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 (CISA) – “We wish to firmly state again that our places of worship and liturgy are sacred and should not serve as political arenas. The Church is above politics,” urged the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB).

In a statement read in part by Most Rev. Martin Kivuva Musonde, the Chairman of KCCB, on September 15 ,at Russell House in Karen. The Bishops’ criticized the political class for using the pulpit as a platform for campaigns amid the COVID-19 pandemic thereby risking the lives of ordinary Kenyans.

“Any politician who attends Mass must do so like any other worshipper and no special consideration should be made for him or her to propagate his or her political agenda nor address the congregation in our places of worship,” said the Catholic Bishops

“We, however, note with concern that despite the Government announcing a suspension of all public gatherings in the country, a section of political leaders has continually defied this directive. It is unfortunate that no action has been taken on all those leaders who are abjectly flouting these protocols,” emphasized the Bishops.

The Catholic Bishops in Kenya are appalled by the blatant disregard of the laid down COVID-19 guidelines and called on the relevant authorities to act.

“We wish to state that our political leaders are sending a wrong message to ordinary Kenyans and it is dismaying that the law enforcement agencies are not taking action on this recklessness by politicians,” the Archbishop reiterated.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops urged the politicians to humble themselves in Places of Worship and desist from using the Church for political mileage.