KENYA: Church Calls for Unity ahead of Pope Visit

NAIROBI NOVEMBER 3, 2015(CISA) – The recent political name calling, ethnic incitement lack the good taste on expected decorum by our leaders who were elected to steer us to unity and peace, Bishop Alfred Rotich  has warned.

“Our country and the people of Kenya already have to contend with many afflictions such as the escalating economic challenges of modern day living, and cannot contend with disunity at the leadership level. It only serves to further compound our problems and we must work together to seek solutions. We call on all leaders to lead,” Bishop Rotich, Chairman-Pope’s visit secretariat, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops said.

Speaking during a joint press briefing with the government in Nairobi November 1 ahead of Pope Francis visit, he noted that Kenyans have to face the affliction of hard economic times and cannot contend, “With disunity at the leadership level.”

He cited Proverb 28: 25 to call for unity among Kenyans and embrace peace. It reads; “The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the Lord will prosper.” He further called for National Prayers and conversion since the trend has only disintegrated the country further. “Our country has been called to peace and prosperity and with this knowledge we should steer clear of paths that lead us on the wrong direction,” he said.
“Let us join together and humbly seek redemption together and set an example for the generations to come by always seeking God first in times of challenges and also in times of prosperity,” said the prelate.

He urged Christians to continue registering in their parishes to come receive the Holy Father.

“Every catholic parish is Kenya is requested to send three buses of pilgrims for the main mass on November 26th. We also urge you all to continue making contributions to the MPESA pay bill number 405060 for support towards the preparations of the visit and the special papal legacy projects to be initiated,” said Bishop Rotich.

The three days visit by Pope Francis will kick off on November 25 to 27.


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