KENYA: Franciscan Sisters of St Anna Holds Chapter in Kenya

NAIROBI NOVEMBER 25, 2014(CISA) – The Franciscan Sisters of St Anna are set to start a Kenyan chapter, Superior General Sr Vita De Wild has said.

“We have reached a point in the Holland that we only have 40 sisters at an average age of 85.The time has come definitely that the sisters here take the greatest responsibility of the congregation,” she said.

Speaking during the start of a week-long meeting of the sisters at Rosa Mystica Spiritual Centre in Nairobi on Monday November 24, Sr Vita said the sisters were concerned over the continuity of the congregation.

The meeting would see election of a new superior general from Kenya amongst other office bearers but “would ensure maintaining the link between the sisters in Kenya and in Holland.”

The sisters from the congregation in Kenya would also be required to travel to Holland frequently in order to maintain the unity.

“Our idea is to be one until the last sister in the Holland is no more. The chapter in Holland doesn’t exist anymore meaning we have to move here,” she said.

She said that the sisters were getting old and therefore called for creation of the Kenyan chapter which still had young sisters joining the vocation.

“Holland is not in a position to have a chapter because the sisters are getting old and the vocation coming down. In fact for the last 50 years no one joined the congregation in Holland. Therefore for the good of the congregation we thought it was necessary to have the chapter in Kenya,” Sr Vita told CISA.

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