KENYA: Future of Missions Lies with the Children, Bishop Kihara says

NAIROBI AUGUST 21, 2015(CISA)- Bishop Peter Kihara, Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Commission for missions has said that the future of the missionary work in Kenya will depend on how well children join the missionary work.
“In the past few years the pontifical missionary Societies and the Pontifical missionary Childhood has seen growth in all the dioceses. The reports from the animators in the ground say that the growth is attributed to the many children joining PMC,” Bishop Kihara told CISA.

“What we expect is growth and the quality of the formation and the animation so that tomorrow they become more witnesses,” added the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit.

The celebrations will conclude with a closing ceremony on Saturday August 22.

Over three thousand children from all the 24 catholic dioceses in Kenya and catholic priests from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are also attending the celebrations.

Bishop Kihara said that the document called Ad jentes Divinities on the missionary activities of the Church was intending to arouse the missionary awareness in the church “that every baptized person in the church is supposed to share Christ good news to others so that they can as well transmit the same news to others for the growth of the missions.”
He said that the document launched in July 1965 has seen the growth of small Christian communities because of the missionary expansions.

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