KENYA: Liaise with Principals in Instilling Values in Children, Bishop Kariuki tells Parents

NAIROBI, AUGUST 17 2018 (CISA)-Bishop Paul Kariuki, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishop’s chairman for the Commission for Education and Religious Education, has encouraged parents to liaise with school principals to shape students’ moral standing.

“Parents have a particularly important part to play in educating community since it is to them that primary and natural responsibility for their children’s education belongs. The schools especially in the 21st century play a critical role in supporting, reinforcing and building on the positive family, personal and social values that students bring in to school,” he said.

Speaking at the opening of the 5th edition of the Catholic Schools Principals Association (CaSPA), Conference held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on August 14, the bishop emphasized that, it is the primary role of parents to provide lifelong education especially in terms of values to their children.

The prelate who is also the bishop of Catholic Diocese of Embu, advised principals to engage parents so that they can know the values they would like to see manifest in their children and help reinforce them.

In his part, Chairman of the Kenya Conference of the Catholic Bishops Rt. Rev Philip Anyolo reiterated the importance of families, schools, and the Church working together in shaping the future of children

“Due to your privileged position, as principals and parents, your expertise, exposure and experience, you stand a better position to initiate, inspire and influence a trusting bond with parents.   This I believe will yield the restoration of the social virtues as well as the educational outcomes that our society critically needs.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta, during the same conference noted that he had received concerns that some families had been affected by transfer of school heads to other counties.

“We are reviewing the policy guidelines on delocalisation of teachers to ensure that it is not implemented to the detriment of families,” he said.

He directed Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed to finalise the review by the end of this month.