KENYA: Massive Traffic Jam Stalls Travel on Nairobi- Mombasa Highway

TARU NOVEMBER 20, 2015 (CISA) – Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho has said the massive traffic jam that has been going on for more than 48 hours along Mombasa highway not only harmed business in the Coast region but Kenya at large.

“It has become extremely difficult to get in and out of Coast Region; this has deeply inconvenienced bus commuters and interrupted many businesses,” said Governor Joho, November 19 adding the jam was as a result of the poor state of the road and delayed construction.

“Food supplies from upcountry have become irregular, getting cargo out of the port to its various destinations across the East and Central African regions has become a challenge, and it has even become impossible to get a newspaper,” he stated.

According to Willingtone Kiberenge, acting chief executive of the Kenya Transporters Association, more than 1,500 trucks and a number of buses and private cars have been stuck in the jam which has persisted since Tuesday November 17.

He said the snarl-up was caused by unfinished work on a road diversion in Taru – about 80km from Mombasa, and heavy rains.

Traffic police officers from Kwale County were on Thursday November 19 sent to Taru to help ease the massive jam said Kwale County Commissioner, Evans Achoki.

“We sent many officers last night to deal with the issue. Trucks will be guided, buses and private cars will be diverted onto the standard gauge railway road to ease the problem,” he said.

Mombasa highway is crucial not only to Kenya but also to the region’s economy as it links Mombasa Port to East Africa’s landlocked countries.