KENYA: Minor Seminary Becomes Casualty of Arson in Schools

MERU, JULY 29, 2016 (CISA) – St. Pius X Minor Seminary in Nkubu Meru has become one of the latest schools to be affected by arson that is going on in schools in Kenya. Property worth millions of shillings was lost when a dormitory that houses 120 students went up in flames on the night of July 28.

According to Fr Lawrence Micheni, rector at the school, no student was hurt as the boys were just leaving a church service to the dining hall for their supper when the incident occurred.

Two students have been arrested in connection with the arson and were taken to Nkubu Police Station for interrogation.

The number of secondary schools affected by the fires that began in June have increased to over 100, even as stake holders argue over whether to close the schools early or not.

The government has insisted that the schools which are set to close on August 12 will not be closed early while Kenya National Union of Teachers is calling for early closure to save other school property.

Stakeholders including the Ministry of Education, the Teachers Service Commission, School Heads Associations and parents are working together to bring an end to the torching of school property.

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