KENYA: Nyeri Archdiocese Comes to the Aid of Victims of Domestic Violence

Archbishop Anthony Muheria

By Njoki Githinji

NYERI, JUNE 23, 2020 (CISA)-The Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri has introduced a toll free number through which victims of domestic violence can seek help.

“We invite all those families that have difficulties that are fighting and wrangling that you may find ways. Come to us so that we may help you to walk in harmony, to solve your problems. When there are those cases of violence call the toll free number so that you can get some assistance at the good shepherd center 0800 723 555. But the most important is that we must find a way, a solution. Harmony,” said Archbishop Anthony Muheria in a June 21 video message posted on his Facebook page.

Emphasizing on the necessity of respect for women and girls especially, he said that any sort of violence is wrong especially if it is violence against close relatives.

“Domestic violence has risen, especially against our mothers and sisters. No man worth of praise, honour or respect, of whatever age should ever use violence on a woman. Moreover no Christian should even direct a violent word to another. We all were born through the pain of a woman, our mothers, and they, for being the sanctuaries of life, deserve the utmost respect. We must show our young sons to always respect women, and care for them,” he said.

The prelate called for sensitization of the men against violence on women and teaching them to be protectors and crusaders against gender based violence.

“We are appalled even more when this violence also involves sexual abuse, from older and younger men. We must defend our sisters and mothers, and make our young men strong enough, stronger than their feelings, and Christian enough, ready to sacrifice for their sisters…Speak out against any violence, don’t hide it,” he added.