KENYA: Political Leaders must Plant Good Values in our Society, Says Bishop Korir

NAIROBI OCTOBER 9, 2015(CISA) – Bishop Cornelius Korir, Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) has challenged political leaders in Kenya to promote good values so that children can learn from them.

“Our political leaders and all of us should work hard to implement the values we chose in our new constitution. We have to find ways and means of coming together to ensure that we promote the values in our society so that our children can learn from them,” said Bishop Korir.

In his presentation at Hekima Peace Institute in Nairobi on the findings of the National Research on the Public Participation and Devolved System of Government in October 8, Bishop Korir urged the leaders to end increased ethnicity in the nation.

“We must tell our political leaders in the counties and at the national level to end ethnicity issues now. In some counties getting people for employment is a problem because they simply say that you are not from that County and therefore you do not deserve to get a job there,” said Bishop Korir of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret.

The prelate further warned that evils of corruption was already a big threat to development and called for continued measures to be put in place in order to tackle the vice.

“The worst enemy that we have now is corruption, we thought it will be lessened by devolution but it is growing. It is growing even within the families. This is a very worrying trend,” said Bishop Korir.

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