KENYA: Priests in Kitui to Pray for the Intentions of People and Nation

Archbishop Anthony Muheria

KITUI, MARCH 24, 2020 (CISA)-Priests in the Catholic diocese of Kitui will continued celebrating Mass in the main Parish Churches in absence of faithful for the intentions of the people and the intention of the nation.

“In order to help the Christians unite themselves with the Holy Mass, we will ring the bells as Mass is starting, whether during the weekday or on Sunday,” reads a statement released on March 23 by Archbishop Anthony Muheria, Archbishop Administrator of Kitui.

Faithful are advised to follow Mass service through the social media platforms, on YouTube or broadcasted through radio. The archbishop has asked parishes to open a Facebook page to assist reach a wider audience.

“I also suggest that the priests organize at the parish a daily adoration in our churches, and stream this adoration through the same social media,” he said allowing the use of Music player to play the adoration songs and any other songs within the adoration time.

In his statement, he said churches will not close for the services to the individual Christians. “You may individually seek the sacrament of communion from the priest from time to time. We suggest that the sacrament of confession be celebrated only in the open and with a distance of more than a meter, with both wearing a mask.”

Archbishop Muheria has asked the public to avoid travelling in public transport including Boda Boda encouraging them to stay at home to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

“Let us use this time of restriction in our homes, to grow in family life, sharing moments and planning how to do small projects within our homes,” he said encouraging young people to keep busy and discover ways of helping their brothers and sisters and their parents.

This comes as a result of a government’s directive outlawing gatherings on March 22 to help contain the raising number of coronavirus cases.

As at March 23, Kenya had recorded 16 cases.