KENYA: Slain Missionary of Charity Nuns lived their Baptism, says Bishop Kamau

NAIROBI APRIL 19, 2016 (CISA) – The four Missionaries of Charity nuns killed in Yemen had courage to defend their faith, Bishop David Kamau Auxiliary Bishop of Nairobi said April 16.

The bishop was speaking at the Holy Family Basilica, Nairobi during a Requiem Mass for the repose of the souls of the late Sr Mary Ansem (India); Sr Mary Judith (Kenya); Sr Mary Marguerite (Rwanda); and Sr Mary Reginette (Rwanda). The four were among 16 persons killed when terrorists attacked Mother Teresa’s Home in Aden, Yemen on March 4.

“Today we are commemorating the death of the sisters who died in the cause of duty of defending the faith and living their baptism,” said Bishop Kamau in his homily.

“In our baptism we are mandated and given a mission and responsibility, let us pray that we may carry that mandate and responsibility of keeping the faith,” he added.

Bishop Kamau said that in the history of the Church God uses ordinary people to defeat and shame the strong noting that “our sisters were just ordinary people who went through the baptism of Jesus” and that “this is an example to follow not just as missionaries but even as Christians.”

Bishop Kamau further encouraged the parents of the late Sr Mary Judith (Anastacia Kanini) to be proud to have a brave child who was persecuted due to her faith.

“She had an option of coming back but decided to stay there, what courage and what an example of our faith. Let us pray that we may have that courage,” he said.

During the Requiem Mass Sr Mary Carmeline (Bernadette Nzembi) another Missionary of Charity sister who was killed 16 years ago in Sierra Leone was also remembered.

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