KENYA: Year of Consecrated Life, a Period of Intense Reflection, Cardinal says

John Cardinal Njue has called on consecrated men and women to use the year of consecrated life as a time of reflection.

“Unlike other celebrations declared by the Church, the year of consecrated life is an activity that is calling those of you who have formally been consecrated to God through religious vows acknowledged by the Church to a fourteen month period of intense reflection,” said Cardinal Njue.

Cardinal Njue was speaking during the launch of the Year of Consecrated Life at Resurrection Garden Nairobi on November 27 where he said it will be an occasion “for those of us in the diocesan clergy and the lay faithful to rejoice and acknowledge the wonderful contribution you have made in the Church of Kenya.”

“To our dear sisters who live in monastic life… We thank you for strengthening our activities with your prayers for reminding all of us that the life of prayer is essential for anyone who seeks to follow Christ,” said the Cardinal.

He further acknowledged the missionaries “who have left the comforts in their countries” to work here in Kenya by contributing to the development of the local churches.

“To our religious priests, brothers and sisters who work tirelessly in our crucial offices, parishes, schools, hospitals and other institutions we also thank you for your selfless dedication in bringing the good news to the poor, opening the eyes of the blind, setting the prisoners free and proclaiming the salvation to all,” said Cardinal Njue.

Pope Francis announced the year of consecrated life will be celebrated from November 30, the first Sunday of advent until February 2, 2015.

While speaking to participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life on November 27, the Pope encouraged consecrated persons to still “be listening to the signs of the Spirit, who opens new horizons and pushes to new ways.”

Pope Francis encouraged them to continue their work “with generosity and enterprise in the Lord’s vineyard, to foster the growth and maturation of lush bunches, from which to be able to extract that generous wine.”

The assembly is under the theme; “New Wine in New Wineskins” and is happening between November 25 – 29 in the Vatican.


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