NIGERIA: Bishop Urges Priests to stay True to their Vocation

LAGOS, NOVEMBER 29, 2016-(CISA) – Bishop Albert Fasina of the Catholic diocese of Ijebu-Ode has called on priests to stay true to their vocations, since it is a calling from God.

In his homily at a Mass held at the St Sebastian Catholic Cathedral, Ijebu-Ode, Bishop Fasina said “God has chosen us in spite of our nothingness just as he did with the Apostle Paul and the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

The celebration of the Mass which was to declare open the meeting of the priests of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Lagos and Ibadan was attended by priests from all dioceses that constitute the two Ecclesiastical provinces.

Quoting from the Gospel of John 15:16, Bishop Fasina reminded the priests that, “We do not choose the places where we do pastoral ministry but find ourselves there by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

He added that Jesus is the only one who redeems, restores and revives noting that every moment of Jesus’ life was in complete relationship with his Father.

“Jesus lived his life in total consecration to his father. Even when Jesus was personally attacked, he did not allow the attacks to change his mind from what he came to do,” he said.

The Bishop told the priests that the people of God feel God’s hand through the instrumentality of his priests.

He then urged all present to go out and spread the Good News and never to take for granted that everyone has heard the Gospel.

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