NIGERIA: Increasing Insecurity now Worrisome, Bishop Hammawa Decries


ABUJA, JULY 9, 2021 (CISA)- “The world has never been without challenges, but the challenges facing Nigeria now are enormous. The growing insecurity in Nigeria is worrisome and needs to be urgently addressed… Boko Haram militants have taken our people hostage. The government is helpless and the world is watching,” Rt. Rev Charles Michael Hammawa bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo has said

The prelate was speaking July 4 at the graduation of Catechists at the Catholic Catechetical Training Institute in the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo.

“In Taraba State, the crisis is quite disturbing and the Catholic Church is always the worst hit anytime it erupts…at present, many Parishes in our Diocese are closed, many lives have been lost during these attacks and valuable properties destroyed. We need to tell ourselves the truth to be able to defeat the forces of evil that are working against the peace and security of Nigeria,” Bishop Hammawa said.

On May 11, Archbishops Anthony Obinna of Owerri and Valerian Okeke of Onitsha also expressed their concern over continued insecurity in Nigeria

“The state of Nigeria in different parts of our country is expressing so much violence, insecurity and anxiety. This is a source of major concern to us Bishops. We are speaking to you, our people at various levels of government and across the nation, to see that this nation is in great danger unless we bring a new spirit and a new approach,” Archbishop Okeke said.

On February 23, The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) also warned against country’s imminent collapse going by the alarming spate of insecurity ravaging different parts of the country.