KENYA: Varsity Promotes Catholic Nun to Post of Associate Professor

NAIROBI SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 (CISA) – Daystar University Council Recruitment Committee on August 31 promoted three senior lecturers among them a Catholic nun to the position of Associate Professor.

The three are Prof Abraham Waithima, Prof Rebecca Oladipo and Sr Prof Agnes Lucy Lando. The pronouncement puts Sr Prof Lando from the Congregation of Sisters of Mary of Kakamega among few scholars in the continent with a similar title.

“As I give thanks and glory to God for thus far he has brought me, I am praying and asking him that he grants me the grace of humility and deep love for the Church so that I may use the position and opportunity to love and serve him more dedicatedly, amidst the various challenges that come with the title,” said Sr Prof Lando following her appointment.

“I know it has not been a sole Sr Lando journey to achieve this.  Apart from my religious institute, many other people and institutions have been part and parcel of this journey,” she said.

Therefore I would like to thank one and all, especially the Jesuits who are my mentors and educators, for being part and parcel of my story,” she added.

Sr Prof Lando further noted the expectations of the university community and society at large that come with the title.

“This is very significant for me. I love my vocation and that’s why my first title is sister. I know that I’m in Daystar University as a Sister Professor… I know a lot is expected of me because Communication is still a young field in the Continent. Yet I’m not afraid because the good Lord who has brought me this far, will certainly continue guiding and leading me,” she added.

Sr Prof Lando who joined Daystar University in August 2008, is also the Assistant Head of Communication Department.

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