S SUDAN: Bishop Condemns Gun attack on Passengers

JUBA, JULY 14, 2015 (CISA) – Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe of the Catholic Diocese of Yei has condemned the attack on passengers by unknown gunmen along Yei-Juba.

In his remarks at Christ the King Cathedral on Sunday July 12, he called on the looters to desist from satanic practices and let travellers move freely, reported the Catholic Radio Network.

Bishop Lodu said the looters put money into their hearts compared to the heavenly kingdom, telling them “not to loot people’s lives and property.”

The prelate made the statements following a reported attack by unidentified gunmen on commercial vehicles along Yei-Juba and took off with merchandise belonging to the travellers.

The unidentified gunmen waged attacks on commercial vehicles and security personnel on the Yei-Juba road and at the Nimule border crossing point.

Three people had been killed along the same road last week as they were travelling in a public vehicle.

Yei is one of the main towns in Central Equatorial State, located southwest of Juba in the direction of Uganda.

Armed groups operating in these areas pose risks to the main supply routes between South Sudan and Uganda.

Crime rate in the war-torn South Sudan has been on the rise as the humanitarian and security situation deteriorates.

Retaliatory inter-ethnic attacks in several parts of the country and cyclic outbreaks of cholera have put South Sudan in a critical economic, health and security situation.

Intergovernmental Authority Development (IGAD) has called on warring parties to sign final peace deal by August 10 this year.

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