S SUDAN: UN Mission offer Shelter to Civilians Fleeing Violence in Wau

WAU, JUNE 28 2016(CISA)-The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is currently accommodating thousands of civilians fleeing violence in Wau state.

In a statement June 27, UNMISS  said that it provided protection to approximately 10,000 civilians who fled the violence June 17-18 when fighting erupted in the town between unknown gunmen and the South Sudanese army (SPLA).

“UNMISS is continuing to provide protection to approximately 10,000 civilians in Wau, following the outbreak of violence. At this time, UNMISS military forces have created a security cordon around an area adjacent to the UN base and peacekeepers are conducting active patrolling to ensure the safety of the displaced civilians within this area,” UNMISS said in a statement.

“This area is currently secure and humanitarian partners are providing basic assistance to the displaced people,” the statement extended to Sudan Tribune further reads.

The statement further added that the mission was currently negotiating with the government forces for access to Wau town to conduct additional patrols to protect the civilian population in the town.

UNMISS clarified that opening its gates is not a first line of response in the protection of civilians but an exceptional measure of last resort to be undertaken only when all other means of protection have been exhausted.

It also explained that its bases are not designed to serve as shelters for displaced populations and it would consider additional measures in line with its mandate should the security situation deteriorate further.

“At this time, UNMISS is continuing to provide a secure environment for those displaced by the violence in Wau adjacent to its base,” it added.

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