SOUTH AFRICA: Bishops Appeal for Help to Fund Charitable Programs Facing Covid-19 Threat

CAPE TOWN, MARCH 31, 2020 (CISA) – The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) has expressed concern on the threat poised on charitable programs run by Catholic organisations by the global coronavirus pandemic.

“The spread of Covid-19 is having a clear and deep impact on our communities. We share your anxiety, shock and fear as our world rapidly goes into lockdown,” reads a March 20 statement published on SACBC website.

The conference is appealing for financial aid, through the SACBC Lenten Appeal to help fund the programs.

Some of the threatened programs target the poor, elderly, hungry and most vulnerable among them senior services, prison ministry, shelter, food pantries, soup kitchen, free medical clinic, emergency financial assistance and family transitional housing.

“Our brother and sisters living in such circumstances need our help now more than ever. Those experiencing poverty are extremely vulnerable in the midst of this global pandemic,” it reads.

“Imagine facing all of this in the most marginalised communities, with an insecure food supply, no fresh drinking water, ad fewer hospital beds? Imagine facing Covid-19 while living in extreme poverty?” the statement concludes.