SOUTH AFRICA: The Southern Cross Newspaper Rebrands into a Magazine

CAPETOWN, AUGUST 25, 2020 (CISA)-The Southern Cross Newspaper a publication of the Catholic Church in South Africa has announced it’s rebranding into a Monthly Magazine starting October 2020.

“…We are very excited to share with you the news that we are launching a monthly magazine, in print and digital at to replace the 100 year old weekly newspaper, from October this year. Our news service on our website and Facebook page will continue,” read an August 25 statement signed by Rosanne Shields, chair of the Catholic Newspaper and Company Limited. (The Southern Cross)

“The magazine will feature articles relating to all things Catholic: faith and society, personalities, burning questions,travel,millennials,family education, world class spiritual reflections, pullout poster of a saint of the month, as well as fun stuff like the popular cross-word, word search, trivia quiz and so on,” reads the statement.

For the last 100 years, The Southern Cross was a weekly newspaper with a worldwide readership.

According to the newspaper’s management, the newspaper has had to change its mode of operation as they were dependent on parish sales but unfortunately, Masses at parishes ceased when a nationwide lockdown was imposed earlier in the year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since there is no assurance of when parishes will return to holding their full schedule of Masses, the publication is requesting its readers to use various channels of communication to spread the word about the magazine.

The Southern Cross is South Africa’s national Catholic weekly newspaper established in 1920 by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conferenceand published independently by the Catholic Newspaper & Publishing Company Limited in Cape Town.