TANZANIA: Archbishop Ruwaichi Lauds Government Efforts in Restoring Integrity

MWANZA APRIL 5, 2016(CISA)-Archbishop Juda Thadeus Ruwaichi of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mwanza has commended President John Magufuli and his entire team for their efforts to restore integrity in the public service.

“While we celebrate the talents of men in leading the families and the church, we have to also recognize the good leadership of our national leaders in restoring ethics, integrity and the rule law” Archbishop Ruwaichi told Tanzania’s  the Daily News Newspaper.

The prelate noted that the nation was witnessing a new style of leadership from the Fifth Phase Government and therefore needed “support to restore honesty and integrity in public service — especially the fight against graft.”

He said that it was encouraging to see that tough measures are being taken against corrupt and dishonest government officials in the society adding that without good morals neither the church nor the political leadership would prosper to make Tanzania livable.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop challenged men to be real leaders in safeguarding peace and prosperity in their families.

Speaking at Kawekamo spiritual centre April 3 during the Catholic Men Associations annual celebrations, Archbishop Ruwaichi called on men to ensure that their families remain stable to enable them fight for their well-being in the society.

He cautioned them over regarding themselves as superior, saying it was only cooperation in families and the nation at large that will make their contributions recognised.

“Men will always remain heads in families but that does not guarantee them of turning into masters with no limitations,” he said.

The day was marked by members from all 33 Parishes in the Diocese and was specifically for reminding all the men to maintain their symbol of stability and security.

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