TANZANIA: Priests Urged to Use New Regulations of the Roman Missal

DAR ES SALAAM, MAY 19, 2017(CISA) – Bishop Salutaris Libena,  chairman of the Liturgy department of TEC  has urged priests to use new regulations of the Roman Missal.

Roman Missal is a liturgical book containing the prayers and responses needed when celebrating the Roman Catholic Mass throughout the year.

Speaking during a diocesan liturgy coordinators meeting which involved coordinators from all Catholic dioceses in Dar es Salaam, the bishop expressed concern that some priests in some dioceses to continue using the old regulations while the department has already announced in a formal letter that the available translation is final.

“Our department finished translation and editing all errors and approved it three years ago but some priests have been slow to receive the changes,” TEC News quoted Bishop Libena as saying.

He said that despite the fact that they have not distributed the complete Roman Missal awaiting special authorization; the new translations ought to be taken into effect.

“What we are waiting before starting distributing the complete Roman Missal is the special authorization (Decree) from Roma and the document to identify accuracy of the translation of the Kiswahili text (Recognisio) but otherwise new translations can be taken into effect,” he said.

Fr Thobias Kuzenza one of the members of the committee from the Catholic Diocese of Geita said that he has used the procedure of familiarizing the faithful of his parish by publishing and giving the papers containing important edited prayers to make them aware of the changes.

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