UGANDA: Archbishop Obbo Asks Leaders to Seek Reconciliation

KAMPALA, FEBRUARY 20, 2018 (CISA) – Archbishop Emmanuel Obbo of the Archdiocese of Tororo in Uganda has urged political leaders in the country to use the Lenten season to reconcile.

“Lent is a time that brings us together to dialogue and reconcile, overcome crises in our lives and open up lasting peace. We have to repair all the flaws which have happened with our God and the people in our lives if we need God’s blessings because there is nothing we can do without Him,” Archbishop Obbo.

He said in his homily during the Ash Wednesday Eucharistic celebration held at Members, lounge at the parliament on February 14.

In his sermon, he urged Members of Parliament (MPs) to seek dialogue and mutual forgiveness with one another instead of keeping anger and bitterness.

“We need to dialogue with one another because when you dialogue you heal and when you heal you find lasting peace, thus you forgive,” he added.

He also urged them to observe the Lenten Season by impacting on the lives of the less fortunate in the society which would be achieved  by focussing more intently on the three pillars of lent which are thanksgiving, prayer and fasting.

“Jesus is clear that when you fast you don’t have to be like a hypocrite with a sad face. Our fasting should not be for show-off but it should be done for serious commitments with God and should show inside our hearts. It can be done in many ways and must have a purpose for example, to give charity to the poor and render a helping hand to those in need,” he explained.

The hold mass was concelebrated by Fr Philip Balikudembe the Chaplain of the Uganda Parliamentary Chaplaincy,  Fr Philip Odii the Executive Secretary of the Social Communications Department of the Uganda Episcopal Conference and four other priests.

At the celebration, MPS made a special contribution of 34.4 million shillings in cash and pledges amounting to 19 million shillings in a bid to raise 720 million Ugandan shillings required towards preparations and actualization of 2018 Martyrs Day celebration.