ZAMBIA: Don’t Solely Depend on Prayers to Respond to Economic Hardships, says Bishop

LUSAKA OCTOBER 27, 2015(CISA) – Bishop Moses Hamungole of Monze Catholic Dioceses says Zambians “should not just depend on prayers but must also work hard to respond to the economic hardships the country is facing.”

In an interview after he opened Gwembe parish on October 25, Bishop Hamungole said “no matter how many times Zambians will cry and shout to God for help to improve the country’s economy, their prayers will yield nothing in the absence of hard work.”

“For prayer to yield results, it has to go with action,” Bishop Hamungole told Zambia’s The Post Newspaper.

On October 18, Zambians took part in a national day of prayer seeking divine help for the country’s economic woes following a collapse in global copper prices after an appeal from President Edgar Lungu churches across the southern African nation religious leaders.

He said people should not expect kwacha-the Zambian currency to improve any time soon when they have not done anything to respond to some of the causes of its poor performance.

Bishop Hamungole felt it was unfortunate that the country lacked leaders who are innovative and dedicated to hard work and improvement of people’s welfare.

“God does not help people who just sit without doing anything to change their situation and this is what is currently obtaining on the ground. How do people expect to come out of this mess when we are not producing anything for export? Crying and shouting to God alone is not enough, but hard work and change of attitude,” he said.