ZAMBIA: Pope Urges Bishops to work with Politicians

LUSAKA, NOVEMBER 21, 2014(CISA)- Pope Francis has urged Catholic bishops in Zambia to work with political leaders for the common good of the nation.

“I invite you to continue working with political leaders for the common good. You should also deepen your prophetic witness in defence of the poor in order to uplift the lives of the weak,” Pope Francis told the 11 Zambian bishops on during their Ad Limina visit to the Vatican Monday November 17, said Times of Zambia.

Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) communications officer Mwenya Mukuka said in a statement that the Pope told the bishops that, as pastors of the flock, they should not forget to seek out the weakest members of the Zambian society, among them, the materially poor and those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

“I encourage you to remain sensitive as shepherds to the spiritual and human needs of your closest co-workers,” the Pontiff said.

“Never tire of being kind and firm fathers to your priests, helping them resist materialism and the standards of the world, while recognising their just needs.”

Pope Francis also appealed to the bishops to continue seeking a happy and fulfilling future in the Church and in society, despite great challenges which militated against stability in social and ecclesial life, in particular for families.

“When family life is endangered, then the life of faith is also put at risk. As you yourselves have recounted, many, especially the poor in their struggle for survival are led astray by empty promises in false teachings that seem to offer quick relief in times of desperation,” he said.

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