ZIMBABWE: Address Nation’s Economic Crisis to Regain the people’s trust, Church Leaders Tell President Mugabe

HARARE OCTOBER 3, 2017(CISA-The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has called on President Robert Mugabe to address the nation’s economic crisis in order to regain the people’s trust.

“Zimbabweans have lost trust that the government is sincere in addressing national problems when they see the government officials choosing to send their children to foreign schools and being treated in foreign hospitals,” the church leaders said in a statement dated September 29.

The leaders noted that the government was behaving irresponsibly by failing to address the country’s economic challenges.

“In a situation where there are winding queues at the fuel stations, it is irresponsible for any government official to insinuate that all is well in our nation. The government needs to address the general perception that the current shortages are a result of bad economic decisions, corruption, greed and opulent living among those connected to power,” noted the leaders.

They noted that Zimbabwe was on the grip of growing food and fuel shortages, arousing fears that the crisis of 2007-2008 will be repeated.

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches  represents 26 different denominations in the country.