We are an international religious and missionary family of about 1,000 priests and brothers, 900 sisters and lay people consecrated for life to the missions. We work with local churches to help them mature in faith, become self-sufficient in personnel and ministries. We help the poor and marginalized populations in society around the world to improve their living conditions through provision of health care, education, food production, skills training, clean water, humanitarian aid during emergencies, infrastructure, etc.

 Our Origin

Blessed Joseph Allamano, founded a congregation of Priests and Brothers in 1901. The need for feminine aspect within the work of evangelization for non-Christians gave birth to the foundation of the Consolata Sisters in 1910.We can therefore, note that the Consolata missionaries consist of priests, brothers, sisters and laity. The founder placed both congregations under the special protection of the Virgin Consolata. From the very beginning, the aim of the society was to gather together young priests, clerics and lay men who wanted to dedicate themselves to the mission in order to prepare them and make them fit for the work of evangelization in those regions that would be assigned to the society or congregation by the Holy See.

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