KENYA: Lack of Funds Derailing Peace Efforts in the Country, Bishops say

ELDORET, JULY 28, 2015 (CISA) – have accused the government of undermining efforts by the national cohesion commission to spearhead unity in some parts of the country.

The chairman of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, Bishop Cornelius Korir and Bishop Christopher Ruto of the Anglican Church of Kenya have accused the government of undermining efforts by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to spearhead unity in some parts of the country.

They said the commission has remained ineffective due to lack of enough funds.

According to the Daily Nation newspaper, the two clergy men claimed that tribalism in counties as well as resource based conflicts among pastoralist communities, were threatening to tear the country apart. They said the government was doing so little to check on the vices.

Speaking at two different venues in Eldoret on July 26, the two asked President Kenyatta to intervene by ensuring NCIC is well funded to roll out its programmes.

“As things stand now, the country is heading in the wrong direction due to widespread tribalism that is rearing its head in the counties, institutions of higher learning, besides heightened conflicts over resources among the warring communities in Rift Valley, North Eastern and Coast regions,” Bishop Korir said.

He criticized politicians for frustrating the efforts by the Church and NCIC to ensure peace among various communities in the country by uttering statements aimed at dividing Kenyans for political mileage.

Bishop Korir said that there was need to tame some politicians to save the country from falling into chaos through careless public outburst.

“It is a pity that our universities have been turned into tribal outfits where students and lecturers crusade for one of their own to lead the institutions at the expense of merit,” he reiterated.

Bishop Ruto urged Kenyans to put aside their ethnic and political affiliations to enhance unity and avoid acts that could ruin the country’s future.

“The government should reconsider its decision to reduce the budgetary allocation to NCIC to save the gains made in bringing unity and peace among the people,” Bishop Ruto said.

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