CHAD: Church Opens New Secretariat in Nation

N’DJAMENA, APRIL 29, 2016(CISA)-The Episcopal Conference of Chad has opened new Catholic secretariat that will host all the Catholic programmes offices and bodies working in the country.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony in N’Djamena recently, reported Vatican Radio, President of the Episcopal Conference of Chad, Bishop Jean-Claude Bouchard, OMI, expressed satisfaction with the new premises.

He told guests at the ceremony that the Church in Chad wanted to bring together all the various national services and institutions under one roof adding that “the work that the Church does in Chad, particularly its social services, were for the good of the whole country and not just Catholics.”

The inauguration ceremony was attended by two choirs from the parishes of Saint Paul de Kabalaye and the Sacré-Cœur de Chagoua.

Sometimes referred to as Tchad, the Republic of Chad is located in north central Africa.

With a population of twelve million, 56 percent of Chadians are Muslims while the remaining 44 percent is shared equally between Christians and those who practice traditional religions or profess no faith at all.

There about one million Catholics in the country.

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