LIBYA: Holy See Backs UN Led Offensive

TRIPOLI, FEBRUARY 20, 2015(CISA)-Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State of the Holy See has called for the UN intervention on the Libya crisis.

Speaking during the anniversary of the Lateran Treaty, when he met with Italian president Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi February 17, Cardinal Parolin said “it is necessary to intervene soon in the Libyan crisis but under the umbrella of the United Nations.”

According to Vatican Radio, Cardinal Parolin, explained that a wide international consensus was however, required before making the further steps.

“There is a threat. The situation is grave and requires a unanimous response by the international community. The response must be rapid, the most rapid possible by the United Nations. Any armed intervention must be subject to International Law; therefore, there must be an initiative of the UN,” added Cardinal Parolin.

The Cardinal’s statements were made in the midst of a nationwide debate in on the need for a possible military intervention in Libya.

The Italian government closed its Embassy in Tripoli and repatriated Italians residing in the country.

Also present during the anniversary were the Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni and Defense Minister, Roberta Pinotti.

The major topic of discussion was the crisis in Libya and the threat of terrorism facing the Italian Republic.

On February 19, Libya asked the UN Security Council to lift an arms embargo so that it can deal with the Islamic State (IS) group and other militants, BBC News reported.

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Dairi said that it would help the government build its army and deal with “rampant terrorism.”

Rival militias have been battling for control in Libya since 2011.The war has claimed over 3000 lives.

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