CAMEROON: Government Authorizes Archbishop Kleda’s Covid-19 Remedy


YAOUNDÉ, JULY 27, 2021 (CISA)– The Government of Cameroon has authorized marketing of traditional medicines produced by Archbishop Samuel Kleda of the Archdiocese of Douala in treatment of Covid-19 patients.

“My products considered adjuvant to Covid19 treatment have just received marketing authorization from the Minister of Public Health for a 3-year period. I take advantage to inform you of my availability for your health issues and spiritual issues,” Archbishop Kleda said through a Facebook post on July 17.

Archbishop Kleda has been practicing herbal medicine for about thirty years, and has been offering a remedy to Covid-19 patients based on medicinal plants. The main elements are Trichilia Emetica, a plant from the savannas of northern Cameroon, supplemented by a variety of the aloe vera.

The medicine was scientifically tested by the National Medical Commission in May before the Minister of Public health Malachie Manaouda gave a nod to its use and marketing amid contests from public health Professionals in Cameroon.

“The improved traditional medicines Adsak Covid, bottle and Covid elixir of 125 ml, prepared by Mgr Samuel Kleda, Archbishop of Douala and herbalist, to relieve people infected with Covid-19 are now recognized in Cameroon as treatment adjuvants of this disease. In other words, these are products that complement the protocol set up in Cameroon to take care of people infected with the coronavirus,” reads a statement by the Ministry of Public Health.

The pursuit to have the drug approved began in May last year when the Archbishop met Cameroon Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute to discuss the herbal remedy.

Following the meeting, the Prime Minister assured of governments’ support in search for local solutions for the pandemic.