DRC: World Ignoring acts of Genocide, Bishops say

EASTERN SOUTH KIVU, JUNE, 02 2015 (CISA)– Bishops from Eastern Congo have condemned failure of their government and the United Nations to act against “genocide, jihadist fundamentalism and Balkanisation” in the country.
“The international community has been observing events with its drones,” the bishops said in a pastoral message reported Catholic Herald.

“Must we wait for the mayhem to become generalised for the same international community to rain a deluge of fire on this region under the pretext of combating jihadism?” they posed in the pastoral message, signed by Archbishop François-Xavier Maroy Rusengo of Bukavu and bishops from Goma, Butembo-Beni, Kindu, Uvira and Kasongo.

According to the bishops the eastern populations have fallen victim to war and insecurity for more than 20 years and in 2010 the victims numbered six million dead, “and the toll continues.”

“In recent times, the violence has reached an untenable intensity close to breaking point, as the killers dream up and implement ever crueler practices… These are true acts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” said the bishops.

The prelates paid homage to Congolese officers and soldiers “who have shown devotion and shed their blood” in this cause but said: “Security, peace and territorial integrity do not, curiously, seem to have been priorities for our public authorities.”

Elsewhere the World Council of Churches has urged more security in Congo DR following a three days conference on peace and security in the Democratic Republic of Congo held in Geneva, Switzerland from 27-29 May.

The conference voiced particular concern for youth, children, women and other vulnerable persons, committing especially to “focussing on the concerns of young people in the DRC, including education and employment, training in nonviolence and peace-building, and preventing gender-based violence and harassment”.

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