EGYPT: Franciscan Friars Begin Two-Year Long Celebrations of St Francis’ Visit

CAIRO, OCTOBER 3 2016(CISA) – Franciscan Friars in Egypt have begun celebrations to mark the 800th anniversary of St. Francis’s visit to the country in 1219.

Speaking on the sidelines of the first celebrations at Cairo on October 2, Fr Ibrahim Faltas, councilor of the Custody of the Holy Land, said the celebrations are meant to bring all the religious organizations in the country together to preach peace.

“Our focus is to ensure that we preach peace and unity in the country and beyond and this can be best achieved if we all come together as a country especially the many religious organizations and faiths in the county,”  ANSAmed News Agency quoted Fr Faltas.

The celebrations will last two years and will focus on the meeting in Damietta between St. Francis and the Sultan of Egypt, Al-Malik Al-Kamil.

“The next stop will be a celebration in March in Egypt,” said Fr Faltas, after which all the Franciscans in Egypt will hold celebrations in their respective cities.

The event that included speeches, film screenings, awards, choir singing and a prayer, lasted about three hours at the Catholic Centre of Egyptian Cinema, annexed to St. Joseph’s Church.

Participants included the Italian Ambassador to Egypt, Giampaolo Cantini, and the Apostolic Nuncio to Egypt, Archbishop Bruno Musarò.