ENGLAND: Bishop calls on International Community to Help Unite Somalia

LONDON MAY 12, 2017 (CISA) – Bishop Giorgio Bertin of Djibouti and Apostolic Administrator of Mogadishu has called on, “A unified approach of the international community and a greater involvement of the Somali diaspora,” in helping the country.

“The expatriated Somalis have the possibility to effectively and urgently reach their people who are in the different areas of the country,” said Bishop Bertin during the start of the International Conference on Somalia on May 11, in London, reported Fides.

“I have the impression that the various international actors on Somalia issues will not put the rebirth of the Somali State at the center of their action. However, I expect support from new President Mohamed Abduhalli Mohamed and the new government that has been in office for few months,” he said.

The situation of the Somali population is dramatic because of the drought that has hit the whole Horn of Africa.

According to UN six million Somali people are at risk of hunger and their survival depends on international aid.

“It is here that I expect a greater involvement of the Somali diaspora,” said Bishop Bertin.

The bishop stated that the diaspora, among other things, has greater chances of allowing money to reach the country thanks to the traditional channels of Hawala, while those who resort to international banking circuits are faced with long anti terrorism controls.

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