ETHIOPIA: Let’s make Charity Part of our Lives, Archbishop tells Christians

ADDIS ABABA  AUGUST 18 2015(CISA) -Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa Berhaneyesus Souraphiel, has urged Christians to follow the example of The Blessed Virgin and take care of those in need during the 15 day fast preceding the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, reported Vatican radio.

“Charity and giving love to the needy and the vulnerable should be our religious responsibility, this fasting period is a good time to practice charity and make it part of our life,” he said.

According to the Ethiopian Liturgical Calendar the 15 days fast August 7 – 21, 2015 before the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is an important time for the spiritual renewal of the faithful throughout the nation.

In his message to the faithful he said: “Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary was the first to visit her Cousin St. Elizabeth in her house to offer her support when she heard the news of St. Elizabeth’s conception, she also understood the need of the host at Cana wedding and interceded to her Son on their behalf, she is our model of Charity and kindness to others and we must follow her footsteps.”

He also asked all Christians to love one another, love, and respect followers of other religions.

“This is a time for all Christians to renew and strengthen their spirituality by loving one another and also striving for peace and mutual existence with brothers and sisters of other religions,” he added.

The Archbishop who is also President of Catholic Bishops Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE), also called on the youth in Ethiopia to stand united against illegal migration and human trafficking.

He asked the faithful to pray for the rain, as it is the main rainy season in Ethiopia, that the Lord may send rain wherever it is needed for sowing crops.

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