GHANA: Church Leaders Urge African States to Create Jobs for Youth

ACCRA, MAY 12, 2015(CISA)-Church leaders in Ghana have called on African governments to create employment opportunities for Africa’s unemployed youth.

“We strongly urge African governments to do all they can to create the necessary conducive political and socio-economic environments and employment opportunities for our teeming unemployed youth,” the leaders said in a joint statement issued by the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) and the Christian Council of Ghana, reported Vatican Radio.

The leaders were speaking at the conclusion of their May 2015 annual joint Meeting that was held at Osu-Accra, where they said they were saddened by the news of many African migrants perishing in the deserts of northern Africa and the Mediterranean Sea and called on African states and Governments to institute “proactive measures to curb this menace.”

“We equally encourage African youth to stay in their home countries and work hard to earn their daily keep. They must not assume that Europe and other places outside Africa guarantee automatic comforts and pleasure,” added the leaders in the statement signed by Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu President, GCBC and Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel K. Martey Chairman, Christian Council of Ghana on May 7.

During the meeting the leaders “prayed and deliberated on issues of both Church and national importance” including urging the government to save Ghana’s economy from its “current unstable and precarious state,” asked to know the road map of 2016 general elections and the constitution review process as well as calling for an end to the persecution of Christians in Africa and around the world.

“We have noted with sadness and grief the systematic and persistent persecution and murder of Christians on the African continent and elsewhere in the world by Islamist terrorist groups. We strongly condemn these atrocities and call on all Ghanaians to pray for an end to these senseless killings,” they said.

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