KENYA: Appointment Recognizes Church’s Quest for Values in Society, Fr Ndegwa Says

By Arnold Neliba

NYERI, JULY 6, 2021 (CISA)-Fr Peterson Ndegwa of the Catholic archdiocese of Nyeri and among the newly appointed Ambassadors of Clean Content by Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) has lauded the recognition of the Church as one of the institutions that support values in the society.

Following his appointment and coronation as Central Region Clean Content Ambassador, Fr Ndegwa becomes the first Catholic priest to hold the position in the country.

“I consider this not only a personal appointment but the recognition of the role of the Church, the influence and the capacity that the church has to shape the dialogue of people around,” he said.

“The Church is a great stakeholder in shaping the moral position of the society. It has been supporting programs that reach all people and that have been greatly recognized. The kind of influence that the church has as a structure and therefore that way we can be able to reach the information using our network,” Fr Ndegwa told CISA.

Through working with Clean Content Ambassadors, The Kenya Film and Classification Board in its attempt to regulate content recognizes the efforts of working with other stakeholders not only to point out what is wrong but also to promote values and good content among the people.

“After an independent search by the Kenya Film and Classification Board and in consultation with the regional chiefs they wanted to recognize personalities with great eminence that have greatly contributed in the shaping of discussions and dialogue,” he reiterated.

According to Fr Ndegwa, their role is not limited to watching and seeing what is going wrong instead to promote clean content, promote the truth is general communication in all platforms of engagements.

Fr Ndegwa was appointed Central Region Clean Content Ambassador alongside Nyeri County Commissioner Mr. Lyford Kibaara, Executive Director of Amani Foundation Ms. Margaret Gachagua, and CEO Parastatal News Services Faith Muthoni.