KENYA: Bishop calls on State to Improve Security in DRC

NAIROBI AUGUST 11, 2015(CISA) – Bishop Théophile Kaboy Ruboneka of the Catholic Diocese of Goma has called upon Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government to improve on security of her citizens.

“Benue located in Eastern DRC has been badly affected by violence in recent past and I call upon the government to take necessary measures to end the sporadic ethnic violence experienced in the region,” Bishop Kaboy told CISA August 8 at St Mary’s School in Nairobi when he attended the annual Nairobi Archdiocese Family day celebrations.

The prelate said that government should increase consistent police patrols in most parts of the war- ravaged Eastern DRC region to stop further violence.

He noted that the violence was partly as a result of the illegal immigrants coming to the landlocked nation.

“Immigrants are frequently flocking DRC in search of resources such as Diamond, Timber, Gold amongst other minerals and illegally exporting them to other countries leaving Congolese poor and helpless and thus resort to violence in search of the scarce resources. This should come to an end,” Bishop Kaboy warned.

In April 2015, Human Rights Watch reported of ethnic Luba fighters attacking a camp for displaced people outside Nyunzu town, burned the camp to the ground and killed at least 30 people from the marginalized Batwa community, known as “Pygmy.”

Bishop Kaboy also urged the local church to continue working towards being self-reliant.

“The missionaries brought the good news to Africa, some of them have since died, some have left and others have grown old. Now it is time for the African Church to show the conscience of owning their church,” the bishop said.

He congratulated the faithful during the family day celebrations for their commitment and generous contributions in development.

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